Active Campaign for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.14

Emails are one of the most rewarding channels in online business, that’s no secret. Almost the entirety of worldwide online market owners state that a big part of their income comes from their mailing list, since any email sent is a good opportunity to obtain new sales. A simple email sent at the right time could bring customers to make a second purchase, a chance you are currently wasting for each succesful order you receive, and that might be worth hundreds of dollars.

  • Register your users to one or more of your Active Campaign lists
  • Add users to the list automatically or by asking for their consent, through the use of the related checkbox
  • Possibility to add users to the list
  • after completing the checkout process
  • after completing the order
  • when user registers to the site
  • Insert different registration forms in the pages thanks to the use of shortcodes
  • Add users to your Active Campaign lists through the widget
  • Export the site users automatically to your Active Campaign lists
  • Associate tags to users when registering to the list

Demo Active Campaign WordPress Plugin