Affiliatewp – Zapier Nulled [v1.2]

This pro add-on has support for both Zapier Actions and Triggers. You can notify Affiliatewp – Zapier Nulled when the desired AffiliateWP activity occurs on your site (such as a new referral being created), as well as create, update, or delete any number of affiliates, referrals, visits, creatives, and payouts!

You will also need to install and activate the REST API Extended pro add-on to be able to use the API Keys for further functionality with the triggers and actions of Zapier Nulled.

Any time AffiliateWP Nulled activity occurs on your site, if you’ve enabled Zapier to do so and your site is authenticated as noted above, this data is made available to third-party services via REST API endpoints.

Using these endpoints to power the Zapier Nulled pro add-on, we’re able to open AffiliateWP to the enormous world of the Zapier app ecosystem.

Have a look at the primary features available …

Affiliatewp – Zapier Nulled Demo

Download : Affiliatewp – Zapier v1.2

Affiliatewp – Zapier
Version 1.2, December 14, 2020

Improved: Add First Name and Last Name fields for the Update action
Fixed: PHP warning when running affiliates/updated in some circumstances
Fixed: Affiliate updated event triggers unnecessarily