Asset CleanUp Pro Nulled [v1.1.8.3]

Asset CleanUp Pro Nulled There are often times when you are using a theme and a number of plugins which are enabled and run on the same page.Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin Nulled However, you don’t need to use all of them and to improve the speed of your website and make the HTML source code cleaner, it’s better to prevent those styles and scripts from loading.

Asset CleanUp Pro Performance WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • Manage CSS & JavaScript files on Homepage, Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
  • Bulk Unloads: Everywhere (Site-Wide), On Specific Pages & Post Types, Add load exceptions
  • Manage the CSS & JavaScript files within the Dashboard (default) and Front-end view (bottom of the page) if chosen
  • Enable “Test Mode” to only apply the plugin’s changes for the logged-in administrator for debugging purposes
  • Minify remaining loaded CSS & JavaScript files
  • Combine remaining loaded CSS & JavaScript files into fewer files from eachandlocation
  • Remove unused elements from theandincluding the following link tags
  • Site-Wide Unload For Common Elements that are often unused such as: WordPress
  • Emojis, jQuery Migrate, Comment Reply (if not using WP as a blog)
  • Disable XML-RPC Protocol Support partially or completely
  • Inline CSS Files
  • Inline JavaScript Files
  • Defer CSS loaded in theto reduce render-blocking resources
  • Manage CSS & JavaScript files on Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomy pages, Date &
  • Author Archive Pages, Search Results & 404 Not Found pages
  • Move CSS & JavaScript files fromto(to reduce render-blocking) or vice-versa (for very early triggering)
  • Apply “async” and “defer” attributes to loaded JavaScript files
  • Show the file sizes for each loaded CSS & JavaScript file including external ones
  • Priority in releasing new features & other improvements (updates that are meant for both Lite and Pro plugins are first released to the Pro users)

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Download : Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.8.3

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v1.1.8.3 - 22 November 2020
* Changed the "Plugins Manager" area to have the same feeling as the "CSS & JS Manager"; Removed the "Always load it (default)" option as it's redundant since all the plugins are loaded by default unless there are unload rules set there; The load exceptions are now showing in green font to stand out in case they overwrite any unload rule.
* Added extra alters to notify the admin in case something is not right with some of the rules set. These include: adding the full URI to the RegEx input areas when only the URI (relative path) is needed; Enabling both "Unload it if the user is logged in" and "Always load it if the user is logged in" which ends up in the cancellation of each other
* Added "Unload it if the user is logged in" option to "Plugins Manager" (e.g. you have a plugin that has Google Analytics and you want to trigger it only for your guests, not for yourself)
* Added debugging option to load all plugins (no filtered list in case there are any rules in "Plugins Manager"): /?wpacu_no_plugin_unload
* Make sure all the "if kept loaded" areas are blurred if any unload rule is chosen as those areas become irrelevant
* New option in "Settings" -> "Combine loaded JS (JavaScript) into fewer files" -> "Wrap each JavaScript file included in the combined group in its own try {} catch(e) {} statement in case it has an error and it would affect the execution of the other included files"
* Clear caching once a day via WP Cron in the case over 24 hours have passed since the last clearance (e.g. in case the admin hasn't cleared the caching in a long time or hasn't touched the Dashboard for days)
* Deactivate the appending of the inline CSS/JS code (extra, before or after) to the combined CSS/JS files if all the files' size is over 700 MB as this often suggest the inline code is not unique (e.g. having WordPress nonces that often change)
* Check if a directory is empty before using rmdir() to avoid certain debugging plugins to report errors (even though they are harmless)
* Make sure the following work fine if the plugin is marked as unloaded site-wide with exceptions: upload file within the front-end, download attachments from the Dashboard
* Fix: Basic preloading was not taking place anymore
* Fix: "PHP Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given" is generating if the current media query load list is empty
* Fix: Make sure /wp-content/cache/asset-cleanup/(css|js) directories are re-created if necessary, in case they were removed (e.g. for being empty or by mistake)
* Fix: The list of the hardcoded assets wasn't wrapped correctly and not contracted properly on request
* Fix: The AJAX call meant for fetching the hardcoded list in the front-end view was also triggering within the Dashboard outside the plugin's pages and used extra resources that were not necessary
* Fix: Prevent the meta boxes from showing up in the edit post/page area (thus, decluttering the edit area) if the user's role is not "administrator" (e.g. it was showing it to editors without any CSS/JS to manage which was often confusing)