Auctions for WooCommerce Premium 1.2.3

Have you ever noticed your users’ behavior when they try to configure a composite product? Do you know how they feel when they don’t succeed in doing it? They feel completely frustrated while searching with difficulty among a thousand categories and unlimited products. Furthermore, in most cases they forget some items with, as a consequence, a significant damage for your store.

Changes to Free Auctions 1.2.3 WooCommerce Plugin

  • New: Send notification to customer who lost auction
  • New: Daily cronjob to resend failed emails to winners
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Tweak: Improve slow queries
  • Fix: Time format on related product section
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_check_email_is_send
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_congratulation_message
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_my_account_congratulation_message
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_product_exceeded_reserve_price_message
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_product_has_reserve_price_message
  • Dev : Filter yith_wcact_product_does_not_have_a_reserve_price_message
  • Dev : Action yith_wcact_auction_status_my_account_closed
  • Dev : Action yith_wcact_auction_status_my_account_started

Demo Auctions WooCommerce Plugin