Citadela Directory Nulled [v3.5.0]


Boost your web design and content

Citadela Directory Nulled plugins belong to the group of WordPress plugins that enhance the front end of your website. Those are WP plugins that add new WordPress blocks and front end features. By using them, you can easily alter the appearance of your website. Also, you can customize the design and reorganize the elements (blocks) on each page. As a result, you can create a much better and more useful site for your web visitors.


Citadela PRO plugin is a customization plugin. Therefore, it lets you change the layout, colors and fonts of your website built with Citadela WordPress theme. That’s right. It’s been exclusively made for this 1 WordPress theme. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust visual layout of your website to fit your needs and preferences.

Web design of your dreams: Flexible & Accommodating

That is Citadela WordPress Theme together with Citadela PRO plugin

Citadela WP theme is minimalistic and lightweight, yet very flexible and accommodating. These characteristics emphasize the importance of WordPress plugins even more. Unlike some other WordPress themes that have their specific, fixed design and some limited built in features, Citadela is plain and simple. However, extendable with plugin, which makes this theme limitless. Extend it with Citadela PRO plugin and you will get strong and powerful web building tool.

Customize the look of your website

Citadela is a guarantee that you’ll be happy with your website for years to come. Even though you start building your site with a simple theme, you can be sure it has great potential. All thanks to its own customization plugin – Citadela PRO plugin, as well as exceptional compatibility with other WordPress plugins. It’s a perfect choice, because any functionality you need (or you might ever need in the future) is addable to your website via WP plugins.

Best features of Citadela PRO plugin

WordPress Customizer lets you see how great your website looks right away

Unlimited Color Picker

Thanks to unlimited color picker, you can now adjust colors on your website “real time” in visual WordPress Customizer.

Switch Between Layouts

Citadela offers you multiple pre-designed layouts to choose from.

Advanced Typography

Full selection of Google fonts will make typography nice and easy for any language.

Font Color Autocalc

Font color autocalc will help you respect ideal contrasts for good readability.

Even though Citadela PRO plugin is only compatible with Citadela WordPress theme, it’s something worth considering. All in all, it’s a new concept of building websites.

Imagine your WordPress theme as a strong base that holds your core design and all the features added by plugins together.

Download : Citadela Directory Nulled v.3.5.0

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