EasyQR Nulled [v.3.0.0]


Touchless QR Code Menus

Self-hostedeasy to uselightweight and performant QR Menu Builder software.

  • Unlimited stores, menus & items
  • Included fully-featured analytics
  • Ordering features & online payments included

Highly customizable store pages

All the stores created can be customized to your own liking with a varied set of built in tools. EasyQR Nulled Touchless QR Menu Creator Software

  • Custom menus, categories, items
  • Item extras & item variants
  • Store details, open hours, social links
  • Images, password protection, custom css

The all-in-one solution

It’s easy, simple, intuitive and does everything for you.

  • No code knowledge needed
  • 10 minute installation process
  • Ready to go and maintained software

Search Engine Optimized

Again, we did everything for you, no need to worry about SEO.

  • Beautiful & custom store URL’s
  • OpenGraph ready
  • No CSS or JavaScript fluff
  • Custom Domains system

EasyQR Nulled Demo

Download : EasyQR Nulled v.3.0.0

EasyQR Nulled
Update v3.0.0 - 19 December, 2020

Implemented a new Orders Statistics page, where you can see orders, revenue and top sold items on the menu for any period of time.
Implemented the total orders per each store, including the conversion rate to show in the dasbhoard.
Implemented the ability for a store owner to receive a detailed email notification when a new order arrives.
Implemented order numbers, which will help identifying orders easily for each store.
Implemented the ability to set the SMTP sender name from the admin panel.
Fully reworked the Cart checkout and Order view page to be able to see what has been ordered in the past, even if ordered items are deleted in the store and not existing anymore.
Improved the Cart checkout to show the item extras and variants that have been chosen.
Improved the Order view page to show the item extras and variants that have been chosen.
Improved the plans switcher when monthly prices aren't set in the admin panel.
Improved the payment page when users are prompted to fill the billing details.
Fixed Paypal payments problem when a discount is set and the payment is a subscription.
Fixed various problems when using custom domains.
Other various improvements and bugfixes.

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