Fancy Product Designer Nulled [v.4.5.1]

The most successful Product Designer with more than 15000 sales! Fully integrated in the Shopping Cart system of WooCommerce. Supporting all product types: Simple, Variable, Downloadable.

Fancy Product Designer Nulled plugin registers all required routes and methods for the Fancy Product Designer Admin.

  • All WooCommerce product types are supported: SimpleVariable and Downloadable.
  • The plugin is seamless integrated with the Shopping-Cart of WooCommerce.
  • When you mark a WooCommerce product as Downloable, your customer is able to download the product as soon as you have received the payment.
  • Load a different customizable product into the designer by the selected WooCommerce variation.
  • Choose where you want to display the Product Designer in the product page. Replace the product image, open in a modal, show after product title and many more.
  • The product designer calculates the price based on the WooCommerce product price and all other pricing rules of Fancy Product Designer.

Fancy Product Designer Nulled Demo

Download : Fancy Product Designer Nulled v.4.5.1


New Features
-  New option "Maximum Canvas Height": The maximum canvas height related to the window height. A percentage number between 0 and 100, e.g. 80 will set a maximum canvas height of 80% of the window height. A value of 100 will disable a calculation of a max. height.

-  SVG Image Upload: Sanitize SVG content

Bugs fixed

- Actions container not positioned correct for Flat UI theme

- hidden class changed to fpd-hidden in backend to prevent conflicts with other CSS classes
- Text Templates default value was wrong