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The Pro License + Subscription Explained

Here’s what you need to know about your Font Awesome Pro license, based on the questions we get asked the most.

Where can I use Font Awesome Pro?

If you’re covered by a Pro license, you can use it in tons of ways — web sites & apps, desktop design software, Powerpoint & Keynote, embedded in your mobile apps, and lots more.

Pro is commercial software, so there are some restrictions. Biggest one is that you cannot distribute Pro to folks not specifically covered by the license (e.g. you can’t provide the files in your open source public repo).

More specifics about what is allowed are in the full Pro license.

Can I work with others using Font Awesome Pro?

First, it comes down to whether those others are creators — folks who make or edit content with Font Awesome Pro. If they’re creators, you’ll need to assign them one of your license seats.

Creators can also embed Pro in projects, then pass along to non-creators in a few limited cases (deploying software with Pro embedded, printing a file with Pro icons, etc.) If those non-Creators ever need to modify or create any new content in those projects, they would need to be assigned one of your license seats.

What is a seat and why do I have to count them?

Basically, anyone in your org creating or editing content with Font Awesome Pro counts as a seat. We license Pro according to how many seats you need in your org. Need 1 seat? 4 seats? You’ll want the 1-5 seat license. 27 people? You’ll want the 26-30 seat license.

Does my Pro License cover me AND my clients?

If you’re passing work along directly to clients or printers and they aren’t modifying any content at all, then you’re probably good to go. If they edit any content on the website, print design, mobile app, etc. then they would be considered a creator and would need to be covered by a Pro license.

How do I manage and add seats?

Right now, you’ll need to contact us directly to update your seat count. Soon you’ll be able to do this yourself on your account page.

Can I use Pro in my theme or open source project?

For themes and open source projects, right now it’s best to just use Font Awesome Free. We are working on a better solution, so feel free to get in touch if you have thoughts.

What happens if my Pro subscription ends?

When your subscription ends, you’ll have a perpetual license to use Font Awesome Pro for the latest version while your subscription was active. Just sign in to your account to download.

However, you will lose access to new Pro icons, software updates, services like Pro CDN & the private NPM repo, and our actual human technical support.

Why do I have to pay for Font Awesome icons now?

You don’t. A version of Font Awesome has been and always will be free. As a matter of fact, Font Awesome 5 Free now has twice as many icons as Font Awesome 4 ever did.

But if you want to take your Font Awesome up a notch, you can subscribe to Font Awesome Pro. This gives you more icons, services, and even actual human technical support.

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