Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled [v.5.48]

When you get tired of overly complex and buggy map plugins – try Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled! Highly optimized maps load in 1 request instead of 40+ like with other plugins.

Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled Features

  • multiple pins support – both thumbnail and interactive maps can contain an unlimited number of pins
  • custom pin bubbles/description – clicking a pin in the interactive maps opens a bubble with text, images or any other data you want to show
  • 12 thumbnail map skins – more coming with every update,
  • 1500+ map pins – doesn’t matter what kind of map you’re creating, there’s a pin for everything; and they come in 2 sizes
  • 5 thumbnail map image formats for even faster loading – PNG 8bit, PNG 32bit, GIF, JPEG non-progressive JPEG
  • replace thumb with interactive map feature – great if you don’t like the lightbox concept, Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled
  • extra hidden sidebar for easier shortcode handling – create widgets in this hidden sidebar to use them as shortcodes
  • custom map language option – availability in certain places depends on Google
  • 4 thumbnail map types; hybrid, road, satellite, & terrain
  • 4 interactive map modes – directions, view, street & streetview
  • fully customizable pin options for thumbnail map – chosse from a custom pin image, one of 1500 pins from the library or set a color for the default Google pin Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled
  • Full control over pins on interactive map – set a custom pin image or choose from 1500 in our library

Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled Demo

Download : Google Maps Widget PRO Nulled v.5.48