If-So Nulled [v1.5.2.2]

What is If-So?

People are not the same,so why show them the same content?

IfSo Nulled Dynamic Content Pro is a simple WordPress plugin,allowing you to add or replace content on yourwebsite based on the visitors’ profile or interactionwith the site. Your visitors will engage,convert and buy more!

3 reasonswhy users love If>So!

  • Set Dynamic Contentin Minutes
  • No Coding RequiredIntuitive Interface
  • Minimal Pageload Delay,Smooth User Experience

How does itwork?Create dynamic contentin minutes. No coding is required

  1. 1Select a condition
  2. 2Choose what to display if the condition is met

Built-In Analytics

See how your content performs!See how many times each version was viewed andhow it impacted your conversion rate

The conditions

Maximum flexibilitysegmenting your visitors

Download : If- So v1.5.2.2 Nulled