MemberPress – Divi Content Protection Nulled [v.1.0.6]

If you create and manage your WordPress site using Divi, it’s now easier than ever to control the content your members see at various levels. MemberPress – Divi Content Protection Nulled

Our new add-on gives Divi MemberPress users the ability to lock or unlock content based on membership levels and rules (right from the Divi dashboard).

MemberPress – Divi Content Protection Nulled Demo

Download : MemberPress – Divi Content Protection v.1.0.6

MemberPress – Divi Content Protection
Added the enable double opt in checkbox for MailChimp Integration
Fixed an issue that would cause errors when upgrading from a lifetime product to a subscription
Content items for custom post types weren't showing when selected in the rule editor
Added the ability to add a custom message shortcode on the thank you page
Fixed a small issue where the price wasn't showing on the payment page for lifetime transactions when checking out with PayPal
Added an option for Groups to hide the group pricing page if needed
Added the mepr-login-link, mepr-logout-link, and mepr-login-form shortcodes
Added the MemberPress Login widget
Fixed an issue with the WordPress commenting system and MemberPress
Added the ability to show the discount applied by a coupon on the payment form
Fixes for a few issues with coupons
Enhanced the mepr-rule shortcode to conditionally display or hide content
Added the mepr-product-link and mepr-product-purchased short codes
Fixed an issue with PayPal trial periods working with coupons