Oxy Toolbox Nulled [v1.4.0]

Oxy Toolbox Nulled adds several time-saving and useful features for the Oxygen builder.

Each module and option can be enabled and disabled individually.

Oxy Toolbox Nulled Current Features

  • Class Act
  • Classes Cleaner
  • Text Edit
  • Conditions
  • Revisions, Oxy Toolbox Nulled
  • Back To Top
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Table of Contents
  • Editor Tweaks
  • Navigator
  • Rank Math Integration Nulled
  • Yoast Integration
  • Essentials
  • Image Width and Height Size Attributes
  • Offline Mode
  • All Templates Button
  • Remove Themes and Theme Editor From Admin Menu
  • Scripts, Oxy Toolbox Nulled
  • Gutenberg
  • Move Oxygen Admin Menu Up
  • Open External Links In A New Tab

Oxy Toolbox Nulled Demo

Download : Oxy Toolbox Nulled v1.4.0

Oxy Toolbox
v1.4.0 (December 15, 2020)

[Rank Math] Fixed Oxygen’s shortcodes from appearing in Rank Math’s XML sitemaps for images and image captions.
[General] “Oxy Toolbox” admin menu item no longer appears for “Edit Only” users.
[Conditions] Added new “Is Archive” and “Post Has Tags” conditions.
[Editor Tweaks] Added a sub-option for the Components Panel to appear on click instead of on hover.
[Editor Tweaks] Set “Expanded Oxygen Toolbar Menus” option to work only for non-Edit Only admins.
[Fullscreen] Fixed the center frame in Oxygen editor getting zoomed in.
[General] Added “oxy-toolbox-is-active” to Oxygen editor page’s body classes list so other Oxygen plugins can target Oxy Toolbox’ CSS.
[Navigator] Made “Oxygen” WP admin bar menu item not appear for Edit Only users, Replaced Role Manager and Post Type Manager menu item links under “Oxygen” with Client Control.