Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium Nulled [v1.5.29]

Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium

WooCommerce Pre-Order Nulled you can watch your sales improve right away for new or momentarily unavailable items, offering your customers the chance to purchase the products they are after and receive them only after they are officially on sale.

Changes to Free Pre-Order WooCommerce Plugin Nulled

  • Fix: Fatal error.

Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium Nulled Demo

Download : Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium v1.5.29

WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin Changelog

2020-09-30 - version 1.5.29
* Fix   - Fatal Error when checking out with Checkout Field Editor extension active.
* Fix   - Pre-Order fee not applying to variable products.
* Fix   - Fatal error when trashing some products.
* Fix   - Prevent fatal errors when switching an order to "Pre ordered" without a pre-order product.
* Tweak - Fix wording of release date within confirmation emails when no release date is set.
* Tweak - Add Additional Content text to applicable Pre-Order emails.
* Tweak - Add "Pre-ordered" status to WC reports statuses for revenue reporting.
* Tweak - Use native wp_timezone_string() to retrieve WP timezone setting.
* Tweak - Check that order exists when updating payment complete status to avoid fatal errors.

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