Profile Builder MailChimp Add-on Nulled [v.1.2.3]


MailChimp API key

First things first, when you activate the add-on a new page will be created for it. Here you will need to enter a MailChimp API key Nulled in order to connect the add-on with the data from your account.

If you don’t have an API key you will need to create one. To do this, navigate to your MailChimp Nulled account and in the Account section search for Extras > API keys. Here you will have an option to create a key. Copy the generated key and paste it in the MailChimp API Key field, then hit save.

Profile Builder MailChimp Add-on Nulled Features

Lists and fields

  • If the API key is valid your lists will be loaded and you will be able to edit each one.
  • In the edit panel of a list you will be able to associate each of the lists fields with Profile Builder MailChimp Add-on Nulled fields.
  • By default the Email Address field from MailChimp Nulled is associated with the Default E-mail field from Profile Builder and this cannot be edited. If your MailChimp list contains the First Name and Last Name fields, they will also be associated by default with their corespondents from Profile Builder Nulled.

Associating fields with MailChimp groups

  • You may want to add users into certain MailChimp groups, depending on the information they provide through checkboxes, radios and drop-downs, so that you can better segment your campaigns. To do this, you will have to associate MailChimp groups with Profile Builder fields, the same way as with field associations.
  • For example if you have a checkbox in your Signup form called Favorite Animals with 2 options: Dogs and Cats you will need to go to Profile Builder -> Manage Fields and add a checkbox field with the Field title: Favorite Animals and in Options / Labels add: Dogs, Cats.
  • Now if you go to Profile Builder -> MailChimp -> Your list -> Group Associations -> Pair Favorite Animals with the checkbox Favorite Animals created in Manage Fields.

Profile Builder MailChimp Add-on Nulled Demo

Download : Profile Builder MailChimp Add-on Nulled v.1.2.3

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