PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled [v.2.4.6]

PublishPress Revisions Nulled allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions.

  • PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future. When you’re editing a published post, all you need to do is select a future date.
  • PublishPress Revisions allows you to control which users are able to submit revisions to published posts. You can use the new “Revisor” role, or customize the existing WordPress roles.
  • PublishPress Revisions enables you to submit change requests for published posts. Those requests can be approved or denied by other users.
  • Every requested change can be reviewed in the normal “Compare Revisions” interface in WordPress.
  • PublishPress Revisions has a Revision Queue screen where you can search, approve, or deny changes to a published post’s content.
  • Administrators and Editors are notified by email when a new revision is submitted.
  • Revisions Pro adds support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Moderate, schedule and compare changes to ACF fields in your published posts, just like other post content.
  • With Revisions Pro, your Contributors and Revisors will be able to submit revisions to published content using the front end editor of the Divi theme or Beaver Builder plugin. PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled
  • With Revisions Pro, pending and scheduled revisions work in multi-language sites controlled by the WPML plugin. The WPML language filter works as expected on the Revision Queue screen, filtering listed results by language.
  • By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you also gain advanced permissions control through Permissions Pro. Customize permissions by role or per-user, granting full editing or revision submission rights to specific posts, categories or taxonomy terms. 

PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled Demo

Download : PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled v.2.4.6

= v2.4.4 - 18 Nov 2020 =
* Fixed : Revision submission caused Post Thumbnail to be cleared from the published post
* Fixed : Revision submission by a Revisor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations
* Fixed : Compare Past Revisions - Editors did have "Preview / Restore" or "Manage" buttons= 2.4.3 - 5 Nov 2020 =
* Compat : Polylang - language settings were not stored to revision (Fix also applies to other plugins using hidden taxonomies)
* Compat : Project Nami (Microsoft SQL Server / ODBC) - No confirmation redirect on revision submission
* Compat : Advanced Custom Fields - ACF fields were not stored to past revision following Pending / Scheduled revision publication
* Feature : New option "Prevent Redundant Revisions" - Workaround to avoid storage of revision copies which are missing ACF fields (and clear them on "Restore" operation)