Toolkit for Elementor Nulled [v1.2] Addons

Toolkit Nulled for Elementor build Faster Sites in Less Time with All New Performance Tweaks, Site Admin Tools, Brand New Access Manager, Updated Syncer, WooCommerce Optimizations & More.

Toolkit for Elementor Nulled Features

  • Performance Scans
  • 20+ Speed Tweaks
  • Minify CSS & JS
  • Lazy Load Media
  • Widget Manager
  • Code Manager
  • Access Manager
  • Update Manager
  • Server Tweaks
  • Go Themeless
  • Source Code Cleaner
  • Faster WooCommerce
  • Easily Share Templates
  • Background Tasks
  • WP Core Tweaks
  • User Access Links

Download Toolkit for Elementor

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Toolkit for Elementor Nulled Demo

Download : Toolkit for Elementor v1.2

v1.2 – 2020-12-02
[NEW!] Booster > Cache
[NEW!] Booster > CDN Support
[NEW!] Booster > CDN Support > support for multiple CDN usage
[NEW!] Booster > CSS Optimization tab
[NEW!] Booster > CSS Optimization > Exclude Elementor Core Files
[NEW!] Booster > CSS Optimization > Delay CSS until user interaction
[NEW!] Booster > CSS Optimization > Minify/Combine > Exclude Elementor Core Files
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization tab
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Minify/Combine > Exclude Elementor Core Files
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Defer Javascript
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Defer > Exclude jQuery
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Defer > Optimize Render-Blocking jQuery Scripts
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Delay JS until User Interaction
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Delay JS > on Homepage Only
[NEW!] Booster > JS Optimization > Delay JS > Globally
[NEW!] Booster > Font Optimization > Optimize Google Fonts
[NEW!] Booster > Font Optimization > Enable Fallback Fonts
[NEW!] Booster > Font Optimization > Preload Fonts
[NEW!] Booster > Media Optimization > Images > Add Image Width & Height Attributes
[NEW!] Syncer > ‘Bookmark Site’ now allows for easy quick connect to multiple sites
[NEW!] Theme Manager > ‘Dashing’ > Insert Elementor Template into Admin Dash
[UI UPDATE] Admin Bar > ToolKit > added new link categories and links
[UI UPDATE] Code Manager > reorganized input fields into new subtabs
[UI UPDATE] Removed Syncer’s initial enable button since this is no longer needed
[UI UPDATE] General UI & Icons update
[BUG FIX] Lazy Load compatibility with Google Site Kit in certain environments
[BUG FIX] Added support for more custom TLD’s and domain formats
[PERFORMANCE TWEAKS] Added vendor-styles.css to Dequeue Woo Scripts on non-Woo pages
[OPTIMIZATIONS] General CSS updates and optimizations
[OPTIMIZATIONS] General tweaks to file structure
[OPTIMIZATIONS] Syncer converted off of Vue.js
[OPTIMIZATIONS] Updated loading priority of Themeless CSS to load before Elementor styles
[OPTIMIZATIONS] General updates to Minify and Combine CSS/JS
[OPTIMIZATIONS] General updates to Lazy Load
[DEPRECIATION] Booster > Minification tab replaced with CSS & JS tabs
[DEPRECIATION] ToolKit Template type depreciated and removed