Toolset Access Nulled [v.2.8.9]

Control What Users Can Do On Your Site

Toolset Access Nulled Access plugin lets you choose what different users can do on your WordPress site. Grant privileges to entire user roles or to specific users.

No HTML, no CSS, no JavaScript and no PHP needed!

Toolset Access Nulled Choose what to display when users cannot read content

Access makes it easy to build membership and paid-content sites. You can choose what to display to users who don’t have read access to content.

You can display the standard 404 (not found) page or use a different template when access is denied.

Toolset Access Nulled Show Or Hide Different Elements To Different People

When you build membership sites, often you need to reserve parts of the page only to your site’s members. Access makes this easy. You can control access not only to entire pages, but even to specific elements inside each page.

Toolset Access Nulled Demo

Download : Toolset Access Nulled v.2.8.9