WhatsApp module for Perfex CRM Nulled [v.1.0]


WhatsApp Module for Perfex CRM Nulled , is a module that allows you to integrate the famous WhatsApp contact button, onto your Customers Area> and/or Administration area of Perfex CRM.

Since the functionality of this module is simple, and screenshots are also provided with the button, there is no actual need for a demo. Once you press the WhatsApp contact button, you will be redirected to a web/mobile (depending on your device) version of WhatsApp messenger, into an open conversation with the number set in settings, ending up in a live chat/live support with him.

WhatsApp module for Perfex CRM Nulled Demo

Download : WhatsApp module for Perfex CRM Nulled v.1.0

Version 1.0 / October

-Initial version, fully compatible with the latest version of Perfex CRM and PHP 7.3

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