WPMU DEV – Shipper Pro Nulled [v.1.2.2]

Shipper Pro Nulled moves WordPress Websites from host to host, local to production, development to live, top to bottom without using FTP or SFTP – WordPress migration has never been this easy. Shipper Pro is the super transporter that securely moves your entire site to any location with a click. Simple WordPress website migration. Ahoy!

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Download : WPMU DEV – Shipper Pro Nulled v.1.2.2

WPMU DEV – Shipper Pro Nulled
November 23, 2020 - version 1.2.2
Improvement: Speedup package migration process.
Feat: Add logs to detect which table is exporting.
Fix: Exclude shipper-working dir by default on running installer.php on destination site.
Fix: If there are negative values in pagination settings then Large files are not showing on the Preflight screen.
Fix: Pagination result count is not correct when the filter is applied on the preflight check.
Fix: Both Shipper and Whitelabel logo are showing up on the preflight check of API migration.
Fix: Package migration fails on local by flywheel sites.
Fix: Skip WordPress default meta_key transformation on Package Migration.